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By Peter Lerangis

This can be the tale of Daria, a twelve-year-old orphan deserted one of the Babylonians. It chronicles her valiant conflict to rescue her ally from convinced dying and to flee the single urban she's ever referred to as home.

Read the tales. sign up for the search. The Seven Wonders look ahead to.

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Nú ›Dlisk mér nafn þess er stal. A(men). ‘I exhort you, Odin, with heathendom, greatest of fiends; assent to this: tell me the name of the man who stole; for Christendom; tell me now your misdeed. One I revile, the second I revile; tell me, Odin! ) with all heathendom. Now you shall get for me the name of he who stole. ’ This is a supplication to Odin to reveal the name of a thief, and similar charms and prayers entreating that thieves and other malefactors be revealed are known from all over the Scandinavian and broader European world.

Stoklund, ‘Bornholmske Runeamuletter’, in W. Heizmann and A. van Nahl (eds), Runica, Germanica, Mediaevalia (Berlin 2003), pp. 854–70. 34 Hall, pp. 106–31 and 168–71. 35 On the amendment to skass-valkyrie (and further amendments) see Liestøl, Runer frå Bryggen, pp. 44–46 and idem, ‘Rúnavísur frá Björgvin’, pp. 37–38. GODS AND HEROES 37 myth. In fact there is a similar Gothic term sko#hsl ‘evil spirit, demon’ (comparable to German schicken ‘send’) which also derives from an original meaning ‘stick out’ that later came to signify ‘supernatural sending’.

Like the Vimose text, this inscription is a complete sentence and, much again as at Vimose, it appears to show some metrical or stylistic features. Each line appears to have six syllables, rhymes, and Aigil, Ailru#n and elahhu both alliterate and show a form of assonance centred on the sound l. Moreover, each of the lines is metrically the same, rhythmically and in length. The text appears, then, to be a short poem; it may even be a line taken from a longer work. More surprising for the first experts who interpreted the inscription, however, was the identity of Aigil and Ailrun.

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