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By Oliver St. John

First variation (8.5"x11", 128 pages, complete colour). "The finishing of the phrases" examines the idea and philosophy of the English magician Aleister Crowley in the course of the lens of sensible examine. With an in-depth presentation of the resource culture, the publication introduces Thelema, the legislations of the recent Aeon declared via Crowley, to a latest readership. incorporates a entire word list of Egyptian, Qabalistic and Thelemic terminology necessary to the research of "The e-book of the Law".

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Its position on the plateau of Giza is precisely aligned with the point on the horizon where the sun rises at the spring equinox. This point is used as a reference to calculate the astronomical cycle known as the precession of the equinoxes – the name given to the progression of the spring or vernal equinoctial point through the twelve constellations of the zodiac. The full cycle or “Great Year” extends approximately over 26,000 years and comprises twelve astrological ages a little more than 2000 years each.

This resulted in the wide-scale suppression and forcible abolition of the images of gods and their attributes that had for long ages acted as the magical keys to their invocation. 35 With the breaking of this vital magical link a gaping fissure opened in human consciousness. With only man’s reason to fall back on the interpretation and dissemination of sacred texts was to become the weaponry by which power was wrested away from the gods – and ultimately, from God. At the present time, scientific thought has largely usurped the power to shape ideas and culture that was once the domain of an army of theologians.

In place of the inscription “INRI” appears the word “EROS”. Loosely bound rather than nailed to the Cross stands a voluptuous, naked, flaming-haired woman in full bloom of beauty. The snout of a hairy pig – a creature sacred to Set or Satan – points in the direction of her genitalia. The torsos of the attending cherubs have turned into horrid skeletal demons. Most notable of all is the fact that the whole scene appears to be taking place on a Golgotha that has been transformed into a mountain of huge books!

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