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By Ilias Arnaoutoglou

During this complete and available sourcebook, Ilias Arnaoutoglou offers a set of old Greek legislation, that are positioned of their felony and old contexts and are elucidated with proper decisions from Greek literature and epigraphical tales. a large zone of legislative task in significant and minor Greek city-states, starting from Delphoi and Athens in mainland Greece, to Gortyn in Crete, Olbia in South Russia and Aegean towns together with Ephesos, Samos and Thasos, is roofed. Ilias Arnaoutoglou divides laws into 3 major areas:
* the loved ones - marriage, divorce, inheritance, adoption, sexual offences and private status
* the market-place - exchange, finance, sale, coinage and leases
* the nation - structure, legislative approach, public tasks, colonies, construction actions, naval forces, penal rules, faith, politics and inter-state affairs.
Dr Arnaoutoglou explores the importance of laws in old Greece, the diversities and similarities among historical Greek laws and legislators and their glossy opposite numbers and likewise offers clean translations of the criminal records themselves

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The declaration of adoption shall be done in the marketplace (ugoru) when the citizens are assembled, from the tribune (dema) from which proclamations are made. The adopter shall give to his etaireia* a sacrificial victim and a measure of wine. If the adopted inherits all the property of the adopter and there are no legitimate children, he shall fulfil all the obligations of the adopter to gods and humans alike and he shall receive the property according to the prescribed manner for legitimate children.

If genuine); rules concerning recognition of marriages with foreign women: Thasos, IG xii Suppl. 264 (below, no. 77); Phalanna (Thessaly): IG ix (2) 1228 (3rd century BC); grant of right to marry into the host community (epigamia), Aitolia: Staatsvwtrage III 480 (c. 263 BC), Messene (Messenia - Peloponnese): Staatsuertrage III 495 (c. 240 BC); Hierapytna (Crete): Staatsvertrage III 512 (c. 16 (3rd-2nd century BC); Gonnoi (Thessaly): AE 1911, p. 134, no. 70 (Hellenistic); Olynthos (Chalkidike): X.

B. Manville ‘Toward a new paradigm of Athenian citizenship’ in Boegehold and Scafuro (eds) (1994: 2 l-33); illegitimacy, Harrison (1968: 24-8, 61-S); A. Maffi (1985) ‘Matrimonio, concubinato e filiazione illegittima nell’Atene degli oratori’, Symposion 1985, 177-214. 15 Gortyn (Crete), Property settlement in divorce c. IL 46~0~. 111 1 BC This provision regulates the division of property in case of divorce; women are allowed to keep their property and part of the produce from it together with half of their trousseau.

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