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To folk elsewhere in the Realms, these stars are called the Arrows of the Gods, the Sun’s Signpost, or the Caltrop. South in the desert sky is marked by a zigzag line of stars that ‘crawls’ along the horizon, from west to east, beginning with an upswept “head” or bright starry cluster, and ending with a curving “tail” of stars. ” The desert nomads believe that this creature is wild and amoral, older than the gods, and that it swallows mountains, trees, and grasses to create the desert, leaving only sand in its wake.

Their presence makes this the most heavily populated area of Anauroch; and yet a Bedine riding across the Sword might meet with only three tribes in a year. The Landscape Outlanders see the Sword as an endless sea of crescent-shaped dunes that rise and fall like waves in a sandstorm (hence Anauroch’s most popular nickname, “The Great Sand Sea”). It is indeed a hot, sandy region, but is in fact much more varied than that. Sand dunes do cover most of its surface. All four types of desert dunes can be found in the Sword: “waves” (transverse), “troughs” (longitudinal), “crescents” (barchan), and “star” dunes.

Frankincense is also thought by many to be useful in curing gout, mental confusion, vision problems, and skin disorders. ) The desert hills and mountains yield another sort of riches: gold, which in the Sword tends to be found in pure, soft, large nuggets or lump-like inclusions in larger rocks. ” The value of either unit of gold varies with the market (supply), and the particular piece’s size and purity, but a ball tends to be worth around 15 gp, and a fist around 25. The mountainous areas of the desert, particularly near permanent sources of water, give shelter to many birds.

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