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By Leigh Brackett

Alpha Centauri, the closest celebrity to the sun process - basically 4.3 mild years away. To Kirby and his fans it intended freedom - freedom from the tyranny and repression of Earth's dictatorship.

But that freedom must be earned - the flight to Alpha Centauri may suggest 5 years jammed within the stomach of an out of date spaceship, 5 years of praying that the foodstuff offer might final, 5 years of struggling with off the govt ships despatched out to intercept them....

And in the event that they did be capable to succeed in the unknown planets that have been their target, what might they locate? Freedom? Or a destiny extra poor than any they can have confronted on Earth?

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I can get it— I can almost get it. It’s waiting; something warned it when we came, it’s—” “Oh, hell,” said Wilson. ” she cried. ” Kirby felt the hairs lift on the back of his neck. “All right,” he said, “we’ll try it this way. ” He swung the heavy wrench and hurled it at the machine. What happened, happened fast. The wrench, a yard from the delicate transistor banks, flew back at them with a flash of light. Weiss screamed. There was a metallic clang. Then silence. “It hit me! I think my arm is broken,” Weiss groaned.

There were days and nights, not abstractions marked out on a dial but actual risings and settings of the sun, with the warm light and the cool starshot darkness in between. It was a fine thing to have time back again. For quite some stretch of it the people of the Lucy B. Davenport went as nearly sleepless as possible just for the pleasure of rediscovering dawn and seeing what the stars looked like with a kindly sky between to veil them off. Alpha Centauri III lacked a moon, and they were sorry about that.

They ran from the sound of the rockets, raising a mighty cloud of dust. Awe and disbelief came over Kirby. He set the ship down very carefully as though it were a thing of glass, so carefully that the nerve ends all over his body hurt with the agony of achieving that precision, and she was at rest in a bend of the river. The rockets were stilled, and there was kind of terrible silence. Kirby listened to it, and knew that at least part of what Shari had said was true. The smoke and the hot dust settled or blew away.

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