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3. 5. n f k Let R :::> A -+ R , then Definition. e. x 1. Supp(f) iff the germ f: (A, x) -R vanishes. 3. 6. Theorem (partition of unity). Let M be a differentiable. manifold and {UAIA € A } an open cover of M, then there is a sequence of differentiable functions 1/J n M -+ R, : 0 :::: 1/J {1/J n In n € N } such that (x) :::: 1 Supp(r/Jn) c UA(n) for some A(n) {Supp( 1/J n and }; 1/J n€N n ) In € A N } is locally finite (x) = 1, for all x ----- 3. 7. € € M. Locally finite means that each point x bourhood V, such that V n Supp(r/J ) The set {q, In n I n € =¢ € M has a neigh- for all but finitely many n € N.

X, A)tP- J . (x) for the A. such that J J hj(x, uj(x)) E 8(n) vanishes. Now f is assumed p-regular with respect to t, and hence "* 0, (2) Q1 (0, O, 0) (3) aA~ (0, 0) = D for i < j (4) oh. a~ (D, D) hj(O, 0) = 0 oh. 1 "* D J Proof of (2). o-j f (t, D) = Q(t, D, D). (D, D)t' j=1 J for x = A= D. Hence, since this function vanishes to exactly order p, we must have (2). Proof of (3), (4). , to obtain 1 - - . _ OQ 1 p oh. D = tP- 1. Q 1 (t, D, D)+ tP. L oAJ (D, D)tP-J. 8\ ]=1 i Modulo tP this has the form (5) .

Xn. 1 Let m (k) c 8 (n + k) be the ideal of germs Theorem. Rn x {0} = 0, and let (x , ... , x , y , ... e. f. with i=1 11 Proof. ). 1 - Hence E 8(n + k). L Of ~ (x, ty). yi)dt 1=1 = k L i=l 1 1 Of f 0 ~(x, ty)dt Y·. 1 vyi fi (x, y) k = ~ y .. (x, y), f. differentiable. i=1 1 1 J 1 This theorem has a number of consequences. a derivation of 8 (n) is a linear map 28 8(n) is an R-algebra, X : 8 (n) - R, such that X(f. g) = X(f). g(O) + f(O). X(g). In particular X(1) = X(l. 1) = X(1) + X(1), hence X(1) = 0 and X(c) = 0 for constant functions.

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