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Das vorliegende Buch mochte den Leser mit den Grundlagen und Methoden der Theorie der endlichen Gruppen vertraut machen und ihn bis an ak tuelle Ergebnisse heranfuhren. Es entstand aus einer 1-semestrigen Vorlesung, setzt nur elementare Kenntnisse der linearen Algebra voraus und entwickelt die wichtigsten Resultate auf moglichst direktem Weg.

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Expectations and the Leaming Environment The classroom of a teacher with high expectations is an orderly and friendly place in which students are expected to have consideration for each other; students should be expected to contribute to each other’s leainin g. A teacher with high expectations makes every minute count for leaming, with students kept on task from opening bell to closing bell (Johnson 1982). A teacher with high expectations creates a nonthreatening leamin g environment in which students are encouraged to ask questions and take risks.

Although we could do much to improve their program, the two top groups are not the key concem because they do have the opportunity to take algebra,which can open doors for future education and provide opportunities in the work force. As discussed at the beginning of this chapter, the target group is that lower one-fourth of the present student population who do not succeed in algebra. The content has been defined and instruction schemes suggested, and each of these is probably also acceptable to us, as teachers, for the two top categories.

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