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By Elayn Martin-Gay

Elayn Martin-Gay firmly believes that each pupil can prevail, and her developmental math textbooks and video assets are encouraged through this trust. Algebra: A mixed technique, Fourth version used to be written to supply scholars with an effective beginning in algebra and support them successfully transition to their subsequent arithmetic path. the recent variation bargains new assets just like the scholar Organizer and now contains scholar assets at the back of the publication to assist scholars on their quest for fulfillment.

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A. 04 PRACTICE 7 Divide. a. 5 b. 006 b. 007 Solution: a. 0 –8 14 –12 26 –24 20 –20 0 b. A zero is inserted to continue dividing. Work Practice 7 4500. ͤ31500. –28 35 –35 0 Zeros are inserted in order to move the decimal point three places to the right. Answers 6. a. 426 b. 0378 7. a. 5 b. 2600 R-22 C H A P T E R R I PREALGEBRA REVIEW Objective Rounding Decimals We round the decimal part of a decimal number in nearly the same way as we round whole numbers. The only difference is that we drop digits to the right of the rounding place, instead of replacing these digits by 0s.

52 is the same as c. 52222222 Á Example 12 Write 22 as a decimal. Round to the nearest hundredth. 000 -21 10 -7 30 -28 20 -14 6 Solution: If rounding to the nearest hundredth, carry the division process out to one more decimal place, the thousandths place. PRACTICE 12 1 Write as a decimal. Round to 9 the nearest thousandth. 14. ” The % symbol is used to denote percent. Thus, 53% means 53 per 100, or 53% = 53 100 Answers 11. 83 12. 111 Concept Check Answer c R-24 C H A P T E R R I PREALGEBRA REVIEW When solving problems containing percents, it is often necessary to write a percent as a decimal.

Do your homework. You’ve probably heard the phrase “practice makes perfect” in relation to music and sports. It also applies to mathematics. You will find that the more time you spend solving mathematics exercises, the easier the process becomes. Be sure to schedule enough time to complete your assignments before the next due date assigned by your instructor. Check your work. Review the steps you made while working a problem. Learn to check your answers in the original problems. You may also compare your answers with the “Answers to Selected Exercises” section in the back of the book.

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