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By J. M. Coetzee

In Cape city, South Africa, an outdated lady is death of melanoma. A classics professor, Mrs. Curren has been against the lies and brutality of apartheid all her existence, yet has lived insulated from its real horrors. Now she is by surprise pressured to return to phrases with the iron-hearted rage that the process has wrought. In a longer letter addressed to her daughter, who has lengthy given that fled to the United States, Mrs. Curren recounts the unusual occasions of her loss of life days. She witnesses the burning of a close-by black township and discovers the bullet-riddled physique of her servant's son. A teenage black activist hiding in her home is killed by way of safeguard forces. and during all of it, her in simple terms better half, the single individual to whom she will be able to confess her mounting anger and depression, is a homeless guy, an alcoholic, who someday looks on her doorstep.
Brilliantly crafted and resonant with metaphor, Age of Iron is "a beautifully learned novel whose truths reduce to the bone." (The manhattan occasions booklet Review)

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