Download Adventure Guide to the Alaska Highway, 2nd Edition (Hunter by Ed Readicker-Henderson, Lyn Readicker-Henderson PDF

By Ed Readicker-Henderson, Lyn Readicker-Henderson

The Alaska road offers a path to Alaska's untouched North. This consultant explores the attractions and actions alongside its course, from the Indian settlements and natural world refuges to actions comparable to scuba diving, mountaineering, paragliding, waterskiing and rafting.

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Or better yet, leaping into the water and coming up soaking wet, shaking itself. Brown bears, or grizzlies, are rarer and considerably larger than their cousins, the blacks. Your odds of seeing a grizzly along the highway anywhere but inside Denali Park are minimal. There are quite a few on the islands. Kodiak Island is famous for its huge bears, some more than 10 feet tall, and Admiralty Island has more bears than people. Grizzlies average seven to nine feet long, with males ranging from 400 to 1,100 pounds.

If you see the bear from a distance, detour around it, trying to walk upwind of it so it doesnt smell you. Or simply sit down and wait for the bear to go away. As long as you dont give the bear any reason to be interested in you, it probably wont be. If you see an animal carcass, leave the area as quickly as you can. Carcasses have likely already been claimed by a defensive bear. In closer quarters, the advice of bear experts is to stand your ground and speak to the bear in a firm tone of voice.

In hard times, they go after squirrels, marmots, and other small game. Wolves stick to their own territory. They are so territorial, in fact, that it is believed prey animals are often able to find the ''no mans land" between two wolf packs and so travel through an area safely. For the wolves, being so territorial makes them easier to hunt. The most famous pack was the Headquarters pack in Denali Park, but the last of those wolves was killed in 1995. The gray wolf once ranged over nearly all the land north of whats now the Canadian border.

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