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By R.A. Gilbert

This is often the 1st biography of A. E. Waite, the occultist who rose to prominence and based the airtight Order of the Golden sunrise after it were destroyed.

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As more books and commissioned articles were published and Waite became involved with journalism proper, their circumstances improved and they moved away from furnished rooms, taking a house at Hornsey and then, in 1891, purchasing Eastlake Lodge, a large semi-detached house in Harvard Road, Gunnersbury. "101esey and the Stuart-Menteaths-which proved just as well, for early in 1892, Was there not a tacit convention that we should avoid mere argument? If this still stands: good: if not: have at you for all your opinions as to the Church and the Heresies!

These stories of corrupting evil were a great success with the avantgarde but were attacked by reviewersofthe establishment as unwholesome and degenerate. Waite received a copy of each book as a matter of course, but Dora also read and enjoyed The Three Impostors, presumably enjoying the idea of outlandish and improbable adventures in prosaic London streets. In due course she, Waite, and Machen would have their own adventures in those same streets; less improbable adventures, admittedly, but decidedly unconventional.

The letters are all headed with fantastic, allegorical addresses-afrom a Valley of the Shadow', 'From the Passes of the East', 'Under a New Star in Serpentarius-e-and the whole work is written in a mock-antiquated style, deliberately and misleadingly verbose. It is yet possible, by a conscious and considerable effort of will, to penetrate to the meaning of the book as it is Set out in 'The Pastoral': Wherefore two brothers, hereby and herein, having been advanced, by a glorious and singular dispensation, a certain distance through the degrees of a true experience,have,with deep affection and humility, assumed an office of admonishment, firstly, one to another, and afterwards, by reason of the great, increasing urgency, to such of the great concourse of the elect as in this present have been born out of due time with the ears to hear.

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