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By David Dalglish

Fable writer David Dalglish spins a story of retribution and darkness, and an underworld attaining for final power... ------ 
 Book Description: Thren Felhorn is the best murderer of his time. Marshalling the thieves' guilds below his keep an eye on, he broadcasts battle opposed to the Trifect, an allegiance of rich and strong nobles. Aaron Felhorn has been groomed because start to be Thren's inheritor. despatched to kill the daughter of a clergyman, Aaron as a substitute dangers his personal existence to guard her from the wrath of his guild. In doing so, he glimpses an international past poison, daggers, and the iron keep watch over of his father.Guilds twist and switch, buying and selling allegiances for survival. The Trifect weakens, its recognition damaged, its cash dwindling. The gamers take aspects because the conflict nears its finish, and Thren places in movement a plan to execute thousands. purely Aaron can cease the bloodbath and safeguard these he loves... A DANCE OF CLOAKS by means of David Dalglish Assassin or protector; each selection has its effects. ------  About the writer: David Dalglish at present lives in rural Missouri along with his spouse Samantha, daughter Morgan, and puppy Asimov. He graduated from Missouri Southern nation college in 2006 with a level in arithmetic and at the moment works as a para-professional with unique schooling scholars. He spends his loose time gazing PBS and Spongebob Squarepants along with his daughter.

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Statistics. The number of warriors and crodlu at Mogadisho’s disposal is up to the DM—essentially, he has enough warriors to accomplish his goals in this encounter. Warriors: AL N; AC 8; MV 12; HD 2; hp 8; THAC0 13; #AT 1; Dmg 1d6+1 maces); SZ M; ML 11; XP 35 Mogadisho, Warlord of Gulg. AL NE; AC 8 (-3 due to dexterity); MV 12; Te 5; hp 50; THAC0 12 (+3 due to strength); #AT 1; Dmg 2d4 (bronze broad sword + 1 , + 7 d u e t o s t r e n g t h ) ; S t r 1 9 ; D e x 1 7 ; C o n 1 4 ; I n t 1 1 ; W i s 1 0 ; C h a 1 7 .

Tell the players to turn to page 14—Mogadisho. Start. If the PCs are being defeated in the battle at the caravan, read the following: Most of the caravan guards have died or fled, and the screaming raiders are closing in on you. Suddenly, a hail of arrows cuts down several raiders, and over a dune you see crodlu-mounted warriors. When they see the crodlu riders, the raiders suddenly lose heart and flee. Most are cut down, but the robed leader is captured. If the PCs won the battle, read the following: As you rest in the aftermath of the battle, a group of crodlu riders appears, followed by dozens of human warriors.

Setup. This encounter begins the day after the party accepts Mingon’s offer. It serves to introduce the PCs to life with the caravan, end gives them en opportunity to inspect the mysterious item they are taking to Lalali-Puy. Start. Read the following out loud: The caravan leaves through the gates of Tyr at daybreak. It is but one of many caravans bound for all parts of the region. The caravan master, an officious dunetrader who treats you with slightly more concern then his crodlu, tells you of your mission.

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