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But I still have some tales sitting on my computer hard drive that appeared only once in a tiny magazine and have never been seen by more than a few dozen people since. D. Hintz and Jerrod Balzer approached me about doing something with their new press, I thought that perhaps there was still a story or two in the "vault" that might be worth digging up and giving a new life. I found a couple pieces they liked, including "Star on the Beach" a story that originally appeared in a small British anthology.

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And then, as Jack looked to see if his lover's eyes were as satisfied as his own, he saw that her hunger had only just begun. "We will fertilize hundreds of seeds together, my love," she promised, encircling him in a grip of orange rind as solid as wood. He struggled, kicked, screamed. But there was no escaping the grasp of the pumpkin queen as in a flash, her arms and legs sealed around him and they began to roll as one downhill. And who paid attention to muffled screams in the depth of night on Halloween?

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