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Through supplying either the doctor's and patient's view, this ebook provides authoritative, sensible solutions in your questions about treatment plans.

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Hydronephrosis dilation of the kidneys, usually due to obstruction. The need to initiate treatment for BPH is divided into absolute and relative indications. Absolute indications refer to objective medical reasons to intervene. These include impaired renal function because of prostatic obstruction, hydronephrosis or dilation of the ureters and kidneys, recurrent urinary tract infections, and bladder stones. These absolute and relative indications for the treatment of BPH appear in Table 2. Impaired renal function, hydronephrosis or dilation of the drainage system of the kidney, recurrent urinary tract infections, bladder stones, and urinary retention are considered absolute indications for intervention.

The peak flow rate is an objective measure based on the force of the patient’s urinary stream measured by a machine. Alpha blockers have been shown to be efficacious in the treatment of obstructive prostate disease by both objective and subjective measures. To date, no study has yet shown that alpha blockers reduce the risk of going into urinary retention. 33. What is DHT? DHT is a metabolite of testosterone that mediates secondary sexual characteristics, including prostate growth. The major male hormone, testosterone, is converted into DHT by an enzyme known as 5 alpha reductase.

How are alpha blockers used to treat BPH symptoms? Alpha blockers a class of drug used to treat prostate symptoms. Because norepinephrine is the signal that acts on the alpha receptors to cause smooth muscle to contract, if you block part of that signal, you should decrease the muscle contraction. This is the underlying rationale for the use of a class of drugs known as alpha blockers to treat obstructive urinary symptoms. Many alpha blockers are available as oral agents that are readily absorbed by the body and then competitively bind the alpha receptors, which prevent some of the uptake of norepinephrine.

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